About Us

Our Mission

Global Village Initiative, Inc. is a non-profit organization for Youth development and caring for the elderly(Senior citizens). We are presently working with youths and the elderly in the Parkhill Avenue Staten Island, New York 10304.  Our mission is “youth empowerment for economic development and caring for the elderly.” Our mission would help build safe, strong community through youth and economic development programs to promote security, Healthcare, and opportunities in the communities/neighborhoods.

As part of our international engagements, Global Village Initiative Inc. has identified more than twenty thousand “youths at risk” in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra-leone as Ebola Victim Children who lost their parents from the Ebola virus in these West African Countries. The youths are desperately in need of education and you can do this by donating to this worthy undertaking.

Our Vision/Purpose

Global Village Initiative, Inc’s purpose is to secure resources, develop strong internal management and governance, deliver programs, and build relationships with other entities, both private and public nationally and internationally.  Securing resources include funds, food, and networking and to provide accelerated education and work-based training to help those in need overcome employment barriers. Provide outreach services for healthy communities in the areas of Mental and Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse and Tobacco use, Obesity and Diabetes Prevention, and HIV/AIDs. Promote healthy and safe environment toward a specific goal of addressing falls, fall-related hospital admissions for adults and senior citizens.  Global Village Initiative, Inc. operates exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
 We will also provide traditional meals and housing to homebound seniors, and hold fundraising events in order to provide immediate disaster relief and assistance to communities. We eventually have a website that incorporates our programs and will reach out to those in need, and also accept applications, over the phone and in person at our community center. We will network with other nonprofit organizations to ensure we are able to help the members of our community as effectively as possible.
We will provide meals for homebound seniors. We will find those in via referrals, from members of the community, and from seniors who contact us. All food will be prepared by a chef hired by our organization and distributed by volunteers as needed. Seniors may request to have up to one meal a day delivered to them on a daily basis. These meals will be traditional, nutritious meals such as sandwiches, stews, spaghetti, pot pies, chicken, mac and cheese, pot roasts, and so on. Our community center will also provide a soup kitchen, open to the public and intended for low-income and homeless community members.
 Our organization will also offer afterschool programs for youth ages 6 - 25. Our program will be 5 days, after school days, 3:30 pm t0 7:7:30 pm. We will have 5 instructors, each who have experience with children and tutoring. Our afterschool programs will consist of cultural activities, arts and crafts, sports, tutoring, the Integrative Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, (iSTEAM)  and access to 25 computers so students can research information for homework and projects, apply for jobs and/or college, apply for FAFSA, and similar. We will also provide snacks for each student, such as a sandwich. Students will apply for our program through a parent or guardian, by filling out a questionnaire/registration form at our community center.
We will also provide a job training program, target youth who have recently been released from prison or dropped-out of school. We will communicate with local prisons to find youth who could benefit from our program. This job training program will last approximately 2 years, as well will refer youth to internships and trade schools. We will also help them apply for these jobs by providing interview practice, as well as helping them fill out any applications and resumes.
Our Youths will achieve self-regulation through awareness of self and one’s surroundings, management of one’s attention, and the emotions and behaviors to achieve essential goals. Youth acquiring knowledge and skills is important to reflect information or understanding about oneself, the ability to execute tasks, and understanding other people and the world. Beliefs and attitudes about oneself and understanding the interaction between the two are paramount for the everyday experiences of our youths. Moreover, the beliefs about what is good or bad and what one thinks is important in life endure values for our youths.
Acquiring these qualities, our youths can be reinforced to face the everyday challenges of life. It is important for every child to develop during certain stages of childhood because they lay the foundation for a successful generation.
We will also offer to fundraise after disasters and provide disaster relief in the form of food and by assisting other nonprofits and people in need. Through our community center, we will work to raise awareness of our nonprofit, other nonprofits, and issues the community is facing.